Our Team

Cataléthique’s team consists of a board of administrators elected by members of the organisation as well volunteers who help out in a vast variety of ways. Our common interest revolves around sustainability and its application in Quebec’s business sector.

Our board of administrators


Tarek Burgan, President

Tarek Burgan is a craftsman at heart! Maker of cider, beer, kombucha, yogurt, and even a painter of fake Jackson Pollock’s, he is multidisciplinary. Cinema enthusiast and music lover, you will probably find him planning his next trip or around a good glass of wine with friends. With a rather unconventional background, Tarek completed his B.A.in Psychology with a minor in English culture studies from McGill University. Afterwards he worked as a financial advisor, on the radio and in many restaurants, before catching the learning bug for sustainable development. He is currently completing his Masters in Sustainable Development Management and is also a member of the Responsible Investment Club of Quebec (CIRQC) assigned to CSR. Tarek is fascinated by circular economy, urban agriculture and renewable energies.


Stéphanie Massé, Director of Communications

A research professional at the Transat Chair in Tourism, Stéphanie Massé graduated with a Bachelor of Communication degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), with honors. The excellence of her results offers her, in addition to a grant, a direct passage to the master’s degree in communication. Supported by the Ecosanté Chair, an international project in public health, she follows several courses in sustainable development and writes her dissertation in the form of recommendations to reduce air pollution in urban areas. She finished her master’s degree in 2017, also with an honorable mention.

Passionate about sustainable tourism, Stéphanie Massé became a coordinator at Trousse-Voyages, a non-profit tourism organization affiliated with UQAM. Her dedication earned her the appointment of Vice President, one year after her debut with the organization.


Mathieu Couture, Treasurer Interim

After starting a master’s degree in economics, Mathieu decided to reorient his studies towards the management of social innovation. During his academic career, he was involved in several student committees and associations as a project manager and responsible for developing relationships with external organizations. Among other things, he created and participated in academic competitions, organized events related to social innovation and sustainable development, installed a community fridge in a HEC room and set up collective writing sessions inspired by the organization Thesez-vous to motivate students to write. In his professional life, he is responsible for projects within the IDEOS Cluster, a research and transfer center in the management of social enterprises. In his spare time, he is a member of the executive of the Youth Wing of Chantier de l’économie sociale, he is involved in starting a non-profit housing project with a group of friends and he is in charge of Cataléthique’s treasury.


Camille Delouche

Camille is a young professional with experience in project management & marketing, and with a growing interest in influencing people’s choices and habits to help the planet through any means possible. Having experienced various cultures growing up around the world, she pursued degrees in biology at McGill where she continued to be full of passion and excited to always try new things and learn new things. Some of her interests include spending time outdoors, neuroscience, reading fiction and travelling (she is still trying to find an eco-friendly airplane-equivalent mode of transportation). She believes in the many positive benefits that businesses with a sustainable mind can have on society.

Sébastien L.-Ricard

Sébastien is defined by his spontaneity and his great curiosity. His academic career led him to complete a BAC in management, an AEC in adventure tourism and ecotourism as well as a certificate in psychosocial intervention. The outdoors occupies an important place in his life, but has gone from work to passion. In recent years, Sébastien has been in entrepreneurship with its highs and lows. Since the summer of 2018, he has been involved in starting a non-profit organization called Net Impact Montreal, whose goal is to energize a community of Montrealers around sustainable development issues so that more people are aware of the issues and choose to act.

Luc Laviolette

Luc is an Acadian of matriarchal and collective culture. He began his film career at the age of 9 as a editor  to family films that his father created. A self-taught cultural organizer at the age of 17, he directed the Student Radio and founded Café Chez Rose Laliberté at Cégep de Valleyfield. He got his Bacc. Specialist in Cultural Animation from UQAM in 1981 and his Certificate in Film Screenwriting from UQAM in 1984. A Master student in History at UQAM in 1986, he created an academic scandal with his essay “Beyond the Real” where it was said that time did not exist and that the historical process unfolded on top of the general Law of cultural Relativity in the historical process, a multi-vector dialectical process.


Our volunteers

Capture d’écran 2015-12-09 à 18.03.02Cataléthique is also a team of volunteers who are not on the Board of Administrators but without whom our events would not be a success!

Would you like to become a volunteer? Contact us at info@catalethique.org