Who are we?

The monthly green-drink in Montreal

Our mission is to disseminate a range of information, engage different stakeholders and develop business-networking activities focused on sustainable development and social responsibility.

Cataléthique has hosted a green drinks event on almost every month since 2002. We are proud to be Quebec’s longest running green drinks for members of the business community. Our events provide a neutral forum for discussions on key sustainability issues.

Catalyst for best business practices

“Catalyst”—an agent that causes a reaction to happen more quickly—and “ethics”—a set of moral principles.

As a catalyst for best business practices in corporate responsibility and sustainable development, our network aims to harness the power of Québec businesses to create a supportive, environmentally sensitive community.

How? Through exchanges, dialogue, and, more pragmatically, over drinks and fun!


Cataléthique and its events are accessible to a wide audience. The organization stays connected with its members through an offer that is friendly and financially, geographically and culturally accessible. Sensitive to the most recent directions and practices in the field, Cataléthique is an exchange platform for members of the business community and sustainable development and social responsibility professionals.

Cataléthique sheds light on best practices in sustainable development and social responsibility in the new ways it explores the topics that are proposed and the formats of the events that are organized. Cataléthique is a dynamic force that seeks to remain at the cutting-edge of innovation by broadening the issues that are addressed at its events.

Cataléthique wants to inspire its members and stakeholders by highlighting the expertise of its members and guest speakers, as well as its own sustainable development and corporate responsibility practices. It mainly does so by providing a space for common dialogue.

Cataléthique is chiefly made up of volunteers who share the ambition to create a better world and spark change in Québec’s business sector. It relies on ethical and efficient tools and practices and its drive towards continuous improvement.