Green drinks … since 2002 !

Cataléthique began as the Montréal chapter of Net Impact Professional. It was founded in May 2003 by Kariann Aarup, Ted Kantrowitz, Brenda Plant and Jean-Philippe Renaut.

Cataléthique stemmed from Net Impact. Since the American association was practically unknown in Québec, the organizing committee sought a new name that would have meaning in both French and English while addressing issues of more direct relevance to the local context.

Cataléthique, which is the combination of the words catalyst—an agent that causes a reaction to happen more quickly—and ethics—a set of moral principles, was thus created as an independent organization. It aims to elicit reactions between the economy, society and the environment based on the principles of sustainable development.

Montréal’s first green-drinks!

Cataléthique was created as a non-profit organization in 2006 and was officially launched on March 9 of the same year by the following board members: Chantal Beaudoin, Marion Hill, Félix-Antoine Jolicoeur, Juliette Patterson, Brenda Plant, Mathieu Régnier and Olivier Rousseau. In 2011, Cataléthique’s board of directors completed the Natural Step process with Esther Dormagen of Optim Ressources to determine the organization’s strategic objectives in an effort to expand its services.

The Cataléthique team would like to thank some of the former members of its board of directors:

Esther Dormagen, Olivier Sinquin, Cindy Savard, Chloé Dodinot, Muriel Kearney, Philippe Lanthier, Christelle Masson, Pierre Batellier, Brenda Plante, Chantal Beaudoin, Juliette Patterson, Frédéric Bourrely, Dimitar Dermendzhiev, Kariann Aarup, Ted Kantrowitz, Jean-Philippe Renaut, Mathieu Régnier Marion Hill, Félix-Antoine Jolicoeur, Olivier Rousseau, Stephan Becker, Rodrigo F. Contreras, Caterina Rossi, Matthieu Fournier, Karine Boily, Bastien Guérard and Jean-Philippe Boutin.